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  • How do I check battery status?

    Double tap the power button to check the battery status. The battery last approximately eight hours – depending on what kind of music and volume you are playing.

  • Can I play while charging my aiFi?

    Yes, you can play while charging. Note that the most effective way to charge is when turned off. It takes three hours to recharge the battery when your aiFi is turned off.

  • How do I update my aiFi?

    You can update your aiFi in two ways:

    With the aiFi app (IOS): when a new update is available the app will notify you the availability of the update. This takes approximately 8 minutes. For further instructions, see the tutorial video on our Youtube channel.

    By stacking: find an already updated aiFi and stack the units together. The one already updated will comense automatically and update the lower version aiFi. This takes approximately 30 seconds.     

  • Can the aiFi be used with WiFi?

    On its own aiFi does not have any WiFi capabilities. However using a Chrome Cast, Sonos CONNECT® or any equivalent device will enable this kind of functionality.

  • How do I stack the aiFis together?

    Start to play music from one aiFi. Stack another unit on top or beside and they will start communicating.

    When stacking on top: The rubber feet underneath fits into the grooves on the top of the other aiFi.
    When stacking sideways: Remove one of the aiFi coins on the side, remaining coin fits into the side on the other aiFi.

    When the mood light flash and turns into one color for the whole stack, you will hear the transformation.

    Stack on. Play on.

  • What are the ferrite cores in the box used for?

    In order to comply with the standards, no matter what size of a stack you may make, the ferrite cores are there to improve performance. Using them as instructed in the manual is recommended.

  • What is aiPlay?

    The aiPlay™ function makes it possible for several aiFi owners to become a DJ. The host can allow anyone paired with an aiFi to play their song from the stack.

  • Do I need the aiFi app?

    You don´t need the app to control your aiFi, all functions can be controlled from the touch panel on the back.

    The app works as a remote control for your aiFi and access additional features. The aiFi® app for IOS is available in App Store and for Android on Google Play.

  • Compatibility?

    What kind of device do I need to play my music?
    Any device that has Bluetooth, Line-in or optical S/PDIF output, including your smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC, alternatively a pre-amp connected to a CD/DVD/BD or even a vinyl player. For best Bluetooth sound quality use a device with apt-X enabled. 

    What kind of digital music sources can I play?
    aiFi can play any music you can access and listen to with your device. That means any online streaming services or Internet radio (Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Sound Cloud, TuneIn, etc.), and any format of music stored on your device, on your home network, NAS server, or in the Cloud. 

    What kind of wired analog sources can I use with aiFi?
    A built-in analog input that handles up to 2.5V RMS analog line signal and allow you to plug in any analog sound source using a suitable cable that terminate in a standard 3.5mm audio connector. The analog line-in needs a proper grounding from the line out source, particularly in the case the charger is connected to your aiFi to ensure optimal performance. 

    What kind of digital sources can I use with aiFi?
    The optical S/PDIF digital input is perfect for a home theater system, AppleTV, Roku or cable box, or the sound bar output on your TV.

  • How do I play from a Bluetooth® device?

    Power up your aiFi and pair your device by turning Bluetooth® on and selecting “aiFi” in the menu. You only need to pair the device once; it will remain stored in its memory for future use. 

    How close does my device need to be to the aiFi?
    Normal Bluetooth standard, approximately 10 meters.

    Can I pair multiple Bluetooth®  devices to my aiFi?
    aiFi can only be connected to and play from one source at a time.

  • How do I switch between Bluetooth® connection and Line-In? 

    When both Line-in and Bluetooth® is connected , double tap the Source Select/Bluetooth® button to switch between Bluetooth®, Line-In 3.5 or optical S/PDIF 3.5.





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