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Stack'em high!

aiFi® Ai-1 is the first stackable sound system where the sound gets better and louder the more units you stack. Just stack them together and they seamlessly transform into a larger system. There are no cables, no settings – just stack and play. It’s as easy as that. One single unit is enough to fill your room with excellent sound – stack aiFi® Ai-1 together and you will get louder and better sound. The aiFi Sound™.

aiFi® Ai-1 is easy to use with your mobile phone or tablet. Just connect with Bluetooth, analogue Line-in or with S/PDIF optical input. There are no cables, no settings – just stack them on top or beside each other – and experience the magic.

As aiFi® Ai-1 offers true modularity and scalable sound, it does the job all the way from bed side to the party. Three stacked aiFi® Ai-1 easily makes a Soundbar for your TV. And a Six-Stack is perfect for a party on your patio.

Scandinavian Design

Our aiFi® Ai-1 is a sturdy piece of equipment, which is essential to withstand the pressure inside the box – without compromising the sound performance.

The initial design idea had two main objectives: to be Stylish enough to fit in a living room yet Rugged enough to invite the user to just Grab and Go. We found the mix between Steel from Värmland in Sweden and cast Aluminum to be an intriguing mix of materials.

The shape of each aiFi® Ai-1 makes it easy to stack. 20 units make a full circle that is approximately 1.2 meters in diameter. The curved shape of each unit makes it easy to build a large and stable stack of aiFi® Ai-1.

On the top of the unit there are two grooves that make the rubber feet on the bottom fit securely. On each side of the unit is the placeholder for our aiFi® Coin. The aiFi® Coin and the unique magnetic system is what enables the aiFi® Ai-1 to lock together sidewise.

Pristine sound

The aiFi® Ai-1 communicates with each other at the speed of light, utilizing WaveDot™ Communication Technology. This ensures that the sound is distributed between the units without any losses in a timely manner across several hundred units. Using their intelligence, the units calculate and decide how to best shape the optimal sound scape for you.

Each aiFi® Ai-1 is tuned to handle the deepest bass possible, with balanced and smooth mid- and high-frequency performance. One aiFi® Ai-1 can definitely deliver firm punchy bass that is beyond what you would think was physically possible, but when you stack them together – that is when the magic begins.

The surface of the aiFi® Ai-1 collectively adds up and pushes the actual bass performance deeper and deeper the larger stack you make. Stack them either sideways or on top of each other, and the result will give you not only louder sound – the overall sound quality also increases.

The aiFi app

The aiFi app is an optional extension to remotely control your aiFi® Ai-1 both in stand alone mode and when stacked, it also adds additional festures to your stack. All main features can be controlled from your Stackable, but functionality and features may be added and enhanced by the aiFi® app.

The App provides an overview for the Input selection, Volume control and Color settings. Additional features includes a Ai-Q function that makes it possible for multiple users to host the music party.

By using the update function in the aiFi app, you easily update the firmware in Stackables and make sure that you’ll enjoy all features available. When opening the app you’ll get a note if your Stackables need a firmware update. If you have more than one Stackable, just update one of them first – the others will then be updated just by stacking them together with the newly updated unit.

The aiFi® app for IOS is available in App Store and for Android on Google Play.

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product details


184W x 65D x 64H (63H added for any stacked unit) mm

750 g

Speaker drivers
15W 48 mm long throw custom-made

Rechargeable Li-ion cell

Pro grade analog Line-In and combined S/PDIF optical input up to 96 kHz/24bit. Bluetooth® apt-X enabled

Auto sensing 96-240 V / 12V 3.0 A power adapter

Op. temp. range
0-40 deg. C

Dual Kensington® lock slots

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